October 14, 2012

January 19th, 2012 by admin-su


What a weekend! Thanks to so many of you, our Patronal Weekend was a real blessing. 

Starting with the men’s breakfast and seeing new people attend and then a very successful fair, not just the money raised but the atmosphere created and the joy of seeing new people through the doors once again. 

On Sunday we celebrated the Sabbath with our All Age Service where we also celebrated with Daniel, Bryony and Georgia as they took a further step along their journey of faith by receiving communion for the first time. Let’s continue to pray and encourage them. 

In the afternoon we celebrated once again with our Pet Service, where thanks to the fair we saw 4 people bring their pets for the first time – even Monty made a brief appearance. The special touch was from our speaker Graham of Hydestile Wildlife Hospital and the amazing owl Rosamond. 

And to finish the weekend we indulged in more coffee and some scrumptious cake before closing our weekend with a Songs of Praise. This was made even more special by the wonderful testimonies of those who chose their favourite hymns. 

Reflecting back on the weekend makes me realise just how special it was. 

Why? Because it was a weekend where so many church family members took part. St Paul speaks about the body being made of many parts (many gifts) and the weekend sums up what he meant with the body of Christ at its best – worship, fellowship and outreach. A huge thank you to you all. 

Blessings Stefanie 


We pray for those who need the healing touch of God’s hand especially Geoff, Gerry, Peter, Grace and Dave Holt. 

Could I please ask you for your prayers as I meet with the family of Jake Bates, the young man who died in tragic circumstances two weeks ago. I shall be conducting the funeral service on October 23rd. The service will be held at Emmanuel due to the very large numbers expected to attend – Stefanie 


As you will be aware the new hall ceiling is now installed. The men worked amazingly hard in order to get it finished for the weekend. We hope that not only does it make the hall look much more attractive, but that we notice a significant difference in the improvement of sound and also with the special insulation, a reduction in our utility bills. Thanks go to Mike Ellis in taking a lead in arranging the work. The next task is to have the hall decorated. 

Thanks also go to those involved in the social events which raised part of the money and to County Councillor Fiona White for a very generous grant of £1,900. A letter of thanks will be sent on behalf of us all. 


Lunch Club this week 18th October (changed for hall works) 

 On October 21st, Sara Ayerman (Lorraine’s daughter) is coming to talk to us about what God is doing in her life and how He is directing her to be involved in something which many know very little about. Please come & encourage her & pray that we may also be encouraged by what God’s says through her. 

 The election for churchwarden will be held on October 21st after the morning service. Brian Walter has been commended by the DCC to stand. 

 Talks on the Southway shop have resumed thanks to Fiona White and Julia McShane our County and Local Councillors who are very supportive of the venture. There are still some important details to discuss but for all of you who have kindly offered your time for this outreach I will keep you informed. Just keep praying for God’s guidance. 

 Our morning services will change from 9.30 am to 10.00 am starting on January 6th (for a three month trial). There are a number of reasons this has been decided which may not be obvious to you, if you would like to know more please see Stefanie.