St Clare’s Church









 We welcome the people of Park Barn, young and old, into the life of the Church.


Offer inspiring worship to help us get close to God. Care for people in need, speak up for justice, and point people to Jesus.

Learn together to live like Jesus, pray like him and study the Bible.

Grow together, sharing our gifts for the good of our community, our families and the church.


All Public worship has now physically stopped but Virtual services are getting more and more popular. Our usual pattern of Sunday meetings and services and other mid-week gatherings have been put on hold.

While Church buildings remain open for individual private prayer – they are not for group gatherings, corporate worship or corporate prayer of any kind. We may not be able to pray with people in the ways that we are used to, but we can certainly pray FOR people.


Please check out the parish home page link above or the recent posts section on the right for the latest events and information with our church.




God’s church is present in every country of the world and through the ages. St Clare’s is part of the Church of England’s Diocese of Guildford. Together with St Francis’ Church in Beckingham Road, we serve the parish of Westborough.





Past Events

St Clare’s Christmas concert

St Clare’s Grand Summer Fete

St Clare’s Jubilee Concert

Surrey Fringe concert, St Clare’s Church