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At St Clare’s our aim is to welcome the people of Park Barn, young and old, to grow in faith together, listening to God speak in the bible, learning to pray like Jesus and by the power of his Holy Spirit to offer inspiring worship, to care for people in need, to speak up for justice, and to point people to Jesus, sharing our gifts for the good of our community, our families and the church.


We gather every Sunday at 10.30  – please refer to our pages at achurchnearyou  for further details.




God’s church is present in every country of the world and through the ages. St Clare’s is part of the Church of England’s Diocese of Guildford. Together with St Francis’ Church in Beckingham Road, we serve the parish of Westborough.





Past Events

St Clare’s Christmas concert

St Clare’s Grand Summer Fete

St Clare’s Jubilee Concert

Surrey Fringe concert, St Clare’s Church