St Francis Fund Raising

March 2nd, 2021 by admin-su



St Francis is a church in the heart of an area of Guildford which is high on need but low on resources. The Church is a central hub for the community yet has recently suffered from a number of incidents of vandalism and most recently a burglary in which the entire sound system was stolen. This diminishes the Church’s ability to provide vital community services and support to local people during this particularly difficult time. These services include a daily Food Share, providing a safe environment for lonely elderly folk to meet, a mother and toddlers group and a community shop to name a few. Being committed to its community, the church wants to remain open for those in need.

The first priority and where any funds will go towards, will be to buy and install modern CCTV cameras to help improve security and deter would be thieves.

Thanks in advance for any donations you can give.

We are also updating our facility’s so we can continue with zoom meetings, so people at home can join in with our congregation when we open and hopefully stream live events .

Please click on the link below to help has on our way to a new future way of services and joining in together.