October 21, 2012

January 30th, 2012 by admin-su


A great day was had at the community fun day held in the Park Barn Centre. Grants were given out to 5 groups to continue the work that they do in the community. 

 Play Rangers 

 Park Barn youth group 

 Joining-In Magazine (information about church and activities happening in the area). 

 Chips – Holiday Club 

 Guildford Borough Council for outdoor gym equipment for areas in the ward of Westborough. 


It was good to see members of the wider community coming together to show their interest and support for the work that is going on in this ward. 


While I appreciate not everyone could make the Harvest Festival Service, it was so encouraging to see so many of you there. I think everyone there was uplifted by our time together and by the wonderful hospitality that was so genuinely given and generosity. 

The ongoing donations of clothes, toys and household goods are overwhelming. Let us continue to pray for God’s hand in the ‘shop’ as we also give thanks for the members of the South African Church. If anyone would be prepared to distribute leaflets to students in the local area with info about the shop, please let Stefanie know. 

We received a message from the South African Church 

To the congregation of St Francis. 

It was such a blessing to welcome you all and join together for the Harvest Service on Sunday. It is such a privilege to feel how the love of Christ can bind strangers together in holy unity. There was an intense awareness of the presence of the Lord and know that the service was blessed. 

I think that this service was one of the highlights of our church year and thank you for the important part you played – from the planning to the actual day. I hope that this wonderful tradition will last for many years to come! 

Ilse Du Toit 


As you will notice, the ceiling in the hall is complete. We may at last be able to hear each other and enjoy the new look. Frankies Toddlers have already noticed the difference and have said they are thrilled. The next stage of the project will be to have some of the areas re-plastered where the old plaster has blown and is coming away from the wall…. and then finally decorating. 


the family of Mr. Doug Sales whose funeral is on Monday 22nd October. 

the family of Jake Bates whose funeral is on Friday 26th October at Emmanuel (new date) and for Stefanie conducting this difficult service 

Liam Martin, charged with the murder of his friend (let us not guess what happened, but hold him in God’s mercy and grace) and for his family who suffer too 

the family of Mrs White whose funeral is on 1st November 

those who continue to need the healing touch of God’s hand especially Geoff, Gerry, Peter, Grace and Dave Holt Let us thank God for Francis as she is now up and around 



Following a request for a social event in October, I have contacted Andy who gave us a great Quiz Night last year and has offered to do another. If you would like this we could aim for 28th October. Please let me know a.s.a.p. whether you would like me to book him and whether you would like it to include a fish & chip supper. Stefanie 


 The election for churchwarden will be held after the service today. Brian Walter has been commended by the DCC to stand. 

DCC on Thursday 25th October at 7.30 pm (extra meeting) 



Morning services will change from 9.30 am to 10.00 am starting on January 6th (for a three month trial). There are a number of reasons this has been decided which may not be obvious to you, if you would like to know more please see Stefanie. 

Blessings Stefanie