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The Rev'd Stefanie Hodges.

The Rev’d Stefanie Hodges.


Just some Thoughts

What is Prayer?

Prayer is simply responding to God. It’s about turning our hearts and minds towards Him, bringing us to God and God to us.

It may involve talking or listening. Stillness or Action. There are no special words to say. And there’s no required way to kneel or stand.

You can pray with others or alone, you can pray in church, walking down the street, in the shower. Praying alone you can whisper, you can sing, you can shout.  Sometimes you don’t even need to use words at all. Anybody can pray, anytime, anywhere. God is always listening.

Romans 12:1 reminds us of the great freedom and Privilege we have with our God of love.

Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going –to-work and walking around life – and place it before God as an offering.

Why not write down some of your prayers, date them, listen and record the day you received an answer, even if it wasn’t the answer you expected.



Stefanie’s Homily’s

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